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What You Say

As a network, we always want to hear each other  - here is just some of the formal and informal feedback we have had.


Feedback from the Diverse Leaders of Tomorrow in Education Conference

'Be true to myself. Change my energy to change my communication. Liberate myself from fear. Get rid of energy vampire. THANKYOU!!!'

'Extremely engaging. Inspiring!!! Fun. Thank you for a great day!'

'A great conference. The information and pace was excellent. Lots to learn and implement.'

'Really positive. Glad it happened!'

'The sessions were very informative about speaking positively about yourself and confidence.'

'The whole day was very inspiring. It made me really value the importance of morals.'

'Inspirational to say the least; from stories to personal journeys to practice advice.'

'Going to use the strategies to be more assertive. Very diverse programme.'

'A little bit unsure if I should attend or not.  But fantastic - some really valuable points and action to take forward. Creative, Inspiring, Motivating.'

'Amazing!! Speakers were inspiring friendly atmosphere.'

'Inspirational. Great advice to boost confidence in speaking.'

'Great opportunities to network and develop skills'.

'Creative and educational. Having positive experience via meeting inspirational diverse educators.'

'Nourishing. Insightful. New perspective on fundamental principles. Refreshing.'

'Wow! What brilliant training this has been right from walking through the door, I have been made to feel welcome and valued. 2 incredible speakers. Rosemary’s talk really moved me and Bilal’s talk has certainly given me plenty of food for thought when communicating at meetings.'

'It was an honour and pleasure to serve such a heart centred community. Great people – great message.' Bilal Jamil, Public Speaking Academy

'It was an excellent event, Baljit, well done for pulling the programme and people together - I can only echo Bilal, it was an honour to serve'. Rosemary Campbell Stephens, keynote speaker


Twitter feed from 2018 Conference 'Unlocking the Potential - The Power of Coaching'

'Thank you for an inspiring day. It was great to hear so many articulate woman talking passionately about what they believe in. Permission taken to be brave, confident & vulnerable!'

'Delighted to be here @WLiEYH #WLiEYH2018 unlocking the potential of women in education @STEMLearningUK'

'Thank you for a fantastic event today. So good to connect with so many inspirational ladies and share ideas.'

'Learning through inspirational speakers. Respect to @WLiEYH'

'It was fantastic! Thanks to everyone involved in the organisation and the delivery! #inspired'

'A very inspiring day indeed :)'

'Thanks so much for inviting me to share poetry with such inspiring women wish I could have stayed to have more conversation. Happy to chat arts & community.'

'Thelma Walker - from teacher to headteacher to MP! "Be brave and take risks". What good advice!'

'Great to meet so many ambitious young and not so young women.'

'Inspiring introductions from @janet_sheriff for the @WLiEYH annual conference!'

'@Thelma_WalkerMP advice for women aspiring to leadership. REACH. Resilience Energy Aspiration Compassion Humour.'

'Great advice from @gemma_claughton about how to succeed being a young women leader!'

'Loved the meditation - just what is needed on a Saturday morning!'

 What do you feel that you have personally taken away from the Launch event?

'That I can do "it"!'

'Ideas of ways to collaborate with others across educational sectors.'

'A sense of empowerment. Understanding that there is a large network of people who are in the same boat and have a very good support network.'

'Being part of a strong group of inspirational women. Confidence and aspirations.'

'Personal approaches to leadership from the key note speakers. Highly relevant.'

'Being able to network with people from other schools. Reflect on my pathway in education and consider where I want to go next.'

'More understanding of the context of the network and how it might look going forward. Insight into how a great women in leadership works, and some tangible actions to incorporate into my day-to-day interactions with others.'

'Support and advice. I have been feeling quite isolated but now know there are other leaders who understand and can help.'

'Sue Jefferson's talk was particularly inspirational.'

'Women teachers do bring another skill set to schools and this should be balanced in the senior management level.'

'The confidence to resume plans for leadership after a move due to husband's job and looking after two very young children. My time now!'

'Important to ensure women in education are supported to see themselves as leaders and to consider leadership as a future pathway from the beginning of their teaching journey in education i.e. NQT/RQT level.'

'Belief that together, we can make a difference for the next generation of women leaders in education.'

'Transformational conversations section was fantastic, and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to liaise with colleagues and discuss some of the issues. I genuinely felt like I had contributed to the beginning of an incredibly exciting project and can't wait to be involved!' 

Women’s Internship

'Completing the Women’s Internship has undoubtedly equipped me with an invaluable route to headship.'

'Invaluable personal development for Headteacher success.' (Clare)

From Twitter:

'Very inspirational day at @skiptongirls today. Including a great key note speech by the amazing professor Shirley Tate. Great job!' (Miriam)

'Incredible and inspiring morning at the #WLiEconf Reflecting on my own language, aspirations and practice in the workplace #notsorry Thanks @gemma_claughton @WLiEYH' (Rachel)

'Great to have the chance to discuss issues of equality and diversity being discussed in a way that isn’t just about ticking boxes. How refreshing.' (Carmel)

“Top tips from Munir Irfan. What an amazing speaker #impact #inspiring” (Liz)

25 March 2017 Women Leading in Education Launch Twitter Feed

‘Sue Jefferson proving tips on how to have transformational conversations’

‘great leaders have followers’

‘We have a packed house full of determined women’

‘Glad to be here @WomenEd @WomenEdYandH launch today great lots of women education leaders hope some science leaders we are a rare breed!’

‘Glad to be here @WomenEd @WomenEdYandH launch today great lots of women education leaders hope some science leaders we are a rare breed!’

'Sue Jefferson: great point - we need build our own style as we move our community forward.'

'Great summary - wake up with PURPOSE and go to bed with PRIDE.'

'Great that @debrakidd is bringing a scientific focus to leadership behaviours and brain structure.'

'Being bold in a changing landscape with @janeacklam.'

'I can't tell you how empowering that process was for me - from being asked and faltering to delivering. Thank you – Debra Kidd.'

'Excellent idea to invite a woman leader from industry about being "boardroom ready" Thanks to Sue Jefferson.'

'Brilliant opportunity in Leeds to network with other women passionate about what we can bring to school leadership.'


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