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Empowering links

We've collected some links below which you might find inspiring - articles, videos and websites to visit. You can always suggest something which has inspired you - just Contact Us>>


Interesting article about how women benefited from having women mentors. Have you got a story? Share it with us.

#WomenEd - empowering women in education, in partnership with Microsoft Education

A perspective on life as a BME woman in leadership

Fewer than four in 10 leaders of state secondaries are women, survey finds

Lots of female teachers - where are the female leaders?

Teaching School Council resources for Women Leading Education

Wellbeing and Stress Management

Become a female leader

Information about the Leadership Equality and Diversity Fund

Inspirational TED Talks

Inspirational TED Talks

Inspirational Books

Meet writer, scholar and activist, Jessica R. Dreistadt

Meet Leading Women (Education)

An inspirational podcast from the Harvard Business Review


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