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NPQH - Women Only Cohort

What is the Women-Only Cohort? 

In March 2018 we launched a women's pilot cohort, participants are yet to complete their 18 months on the programme, but feedback so far has been hugely positive. We will be recruiting for our second cohort for a March 2019 start and this will be in partnership with #WomenEd. Our aim is to take positive action to address the under-representation of women in headship positions in schools serving disadvantaged children and their communities. This women-only cohort will cover the same NPQH content as our other cohorts, but will also feature new and inspirational facilitators who will address issues often specific to women. These include navigating gender dynamics; authentic leadership; the importance of role models and networks; and flexible working opportunities such as co-headship. 

Why are we having a Women-Only Cohort? 

In 2015, women constituted 64 per cent of classroom teachers, but only 40 per cent of headteachers (Department for Education, 2016). At its current rate, women’s representation in headship will not match their representation in the teaching workforce before 2040 (Fuller, 2017). Ambition is already bucking the national trend of under representation. We are committed to continue to champion the need for diversity in Headship and believe positive interventions such as this do work. 

Women-Only Cohort vision and objectives: 

· To provide women with the behavioural and technical development needed to successfully gain NPQH and enter Headship in schools in challenging contexts 
· To address the national gender imbalance at Headship level (with a focus on schools in challenging contexts, serving disadvantaged communities) highlight the importance of diversity in Headship 
· To offer a safe space where participants can have an open dialogue around authentic leadership, vulnerability as a leader, barriers (perceived and real) faced by women in particular 
· To build a sustainable network of women who can support one another once our training ends 
· We create an open atmosphere where authenticity and vulnerability is shared 

Women-Only Cohort content: 
· Central content largely based on current Headship programme's NPQH criteria as above 
· Powerful residential time with skilled facilitators and your peer group 
· Additional content on areas we identify as being most important to women moving into headship, such as flexible working opportunities such as Co-Headships, importance of role models, public perceptions (including social media), power dynamics, the importance of networks 
· Practical support through buddy and peer working group set up to ensure this becomes a self-supporting network 
· Coaching, mentoring and opportunity to shadow headteachers 
· Chance to hear from a range of inspiring speakers at key notes 
· Practical application and interview support 

“The facilitators were dynamic and inspirational.  The women cohort was empowering and reassuring.  It was a supportive and uplifting environment which gave me hope and dreams for the future”.  Joanne Cutbush, participant on the Women Only Pilot March 2018


Key Residential Dates for Women Only 2019 Cohort

Residential 1: Friday 29th and Saturday 30th March 2019

Module 1 (offered twice): Thursday 11th and Saturday 13th of July 2019

Residential 2: Friday 8th and Saturday 9th November 2019

Module 2 (offered twice): Thursday 30th of January and Saturday 1st of February 2020

Residential 3: Friday 20th and Saturday 21st March 2020

For more details, and to apply, go to the Ambition Leadership website here>>

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