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Understanding your leadership journey as a women and NQT


Although women make up approximately 77% of teachers, only around 67% of headteachers are women. When our female trainees are recommended for QTS they out perform their male peers, including in Teaching Standards that show leadership. These workshops will work to develop the NQTs' confidence in developing these leadership skills, giving the NQTs the opportunity to continue to grow their practice in this area.

The aim of the programme is to give woman NQTs a greater awareness of the journey into leadership, offering examples and case studies of where this journey has been successful. Candidates will gain confidence to take on `small` leadership roles within their school and be able to reflect on what it means to be a leader, both within their classroom and school.

Our expected outcome is that the NQTs will have an increased confidence in their ability, as leaders in the classroom, potential school leaders and will have gained the confidence to lead an aspect of Teaching and Learning within their school, such as leadership of a foundation subject.

Structure and Content:

We will run two workshops for successful applicants, one in the Spring Term and one in the Summer Term.

We will look at all the different aspects of leadership including communication skills, leadership development, and emotional intelligence, and how to ensure that the NQTs are developing these skills whilst completing their first year of teaching.

We will offer coaching on leadership for ten woman NQTs, from BME heritage. This would complement the mentors who already support the NQT journey in school, as we beleive it is never too early to start this journey, and our coaches would model and support this development, we would match the coaches to the needs of trainees. NQTs will have the opportunity to sign up for the coaching following the first workshop.

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