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Leaders of Tomorrow – Women Only Cohort


(Institute of Leadership and Management Accredited)


Objectives of the course:

  • To identify potential ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ and support their development into their first leadership positions.
  • To identify potential ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ who have recently taken maternity leave and support their development back into leadership positions.
  • To provide a stream of enthusiastic new female leaders to secondary schools as part of succession planning for leadership.

Session 1

Monday 4th February 2019 (3.15 – 6.15)

Before session 1, delegates and their line manager complete the NPQML skills audit and bring to Session 1.

  • The Moral Purpose of Leadership
  • Effective Leadership: Theoretical Models
  • Being a female leader – is it different?
  • Reflections on your skills audit
  • Planning for contrasting experience (at this session, delegates will be paired and will arrange a day at their partner school to explore leadership of an area of interest).

At some point, between sessions 1 and 4, delegates should visit their partner school for one day to explore leadership of an area of interest. This is to allow participants to explore this area without the pressure of their own context and therefore allow a true exploration.

Session 2

Tuesday 12th February 2019 (3.15– 6.15):

  • Workplace Communication for Leadership (Della Bartle)

This session will develop practical skills in emotional intelligence for leadership.

Session 3

Wednesday 19th June 2019 (3.15 – 6.15):

Before session 3, delegates will complete the online MTQ48 (Mental Toughness).

  • Mental Toughness for Leadership (Toni Molyneux)

This session will develop understanding of their resilience in the workplace.

Session 4

Thursday 27th June 2019 (3.15 – 6.15):

This session will be designed according to feedback from the cohort. Previous cohorts have requested:

  • Prioritising and work/life balance
  • Preparation for Leadership Interviews
  • Planning for the future

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