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Training for female school leaders on returning to leadership after maternity leave

 Unique training for female leaders returning from maternity leave to a leadership position as part of a successful bid to the Leadership Equality and Diversity fund.

At South Pennine Academies, we want every student to have the best possible chance to achieve in school. Stronger partnerships with families, local businesses, community agencies and universities are essential as we focus on improving student outcomes. Added to this, we are proud of our commitment to professional development; in 2018/19, our offer is the best it’s ever been, ensuring there is training and support for all staff at all points in their careers.

We know that a workforce who feel valued and supported will have the greatest impact on outcomes of all kinds. Now we can go even further – supporting and training female teachers who are about to undertake, are already on, or are recently returned from their maternity leave. Led by a range of highly-experienced female leaders from across South Pennine’s family of academies, participants will be given the chance to attend an interactive, practical and fast-paced session. It will ensure that all participants are given the confidence and support to return to a previous leadership role or to plan for promotion. Additionally, the course will allow participants to develop a strong network of fellow female leaders to support their leadership journey.

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